PLUS 1304

Pad printing machine with 5 colors

The series MARTE PLUS can be configured from a minimum of no.1 axis to a maximum of 4 brushless axises

Differentiated descents included
Operator panel touch screen 7 inches
Electrical pallet conveying items
Adjustement placement axises, speed and cycle times programmable from operator panel
Saving cycle parameters in usb memory, unlimited number

All placements are carried on with electrical brushless axises with high precision

Ink cups 4 X Ø130 | 5 X Ø90
Cliché format 150 x 300 mm | 100 x 300 mm
Printing area 110 x 110 mm | 80 x 180 mm
Colors 5
Differentiated descents 5
Brushless axises From n°1 to n°4
Maximum printing power 9000 N
Stroke vertical axis of pads 180 mm
Stroke horizontal axis in printing 135 mm
Operator panel Touch screen 7 inch
Recipes unlimited number on USB memory
  • Pneumatic slide with cliché, sizes 180 x 650 mm
  • Conveying electrical brushless inkpot, with stroke adjustement from 100 mm to 260 mm
  • Hot air system complete with blower and thermostat heater
plus 1304


MARTE includes a series of pad printing machines for printing on items with medium/small sizes. Optional services are provided as, for example, pad cleaning, hot air and automatic systems for loading and unloading items.

Experience and technology are our basis for planning and building these machines. Sizing and quality of the components installed guarantee the high reliability of the item.
You can print:
max. 4 colors with ink cups from 90 up to 110 mm. Max. printing area is 100 mm. By the ìslideî version the printing area is 155 x 200 mm.

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