SC 13K Tire

Semi-automatic hot printing and thermal transfer machine for decoration on tires

  • Printing cylinder air/oil for high pressures with variable stroke
  • Size of the tires from 500 to 800 mm, height from 150 to 450 mm and from 13 to 22 inches
  • Printing and countermould realized to adhere evenly on the tire
  • Automatic system for centering the tire and blocking shoulder
  • Towing of electrical transfer belt, brushless, with sensor for notch detection and controlled speed for a careful placement.
  • Automatic approach of the transfer during printing, to adhere correctly on the item
  • Conveying item on 3 axises: X, Y, Rotation

All placements are carried on with electrical brushless axises with high precision.

Maximum printing pressure 13000 N
Printing area 400 x 250 mm
Tire width from 500 to 800 mm
Tire tread from 150 to 450 mm
Tire internal diameter range 13 - 15 inch
Sensor for notch detecting on transfer with temperature control PID
Towing of transfer belt included
Transfer regolation left / right Mechanical
Axis bruschless 4
Operator panel Touch screen 10 inch
Recipes unlimited number on USB memory
sc 13k tire


Printing on tires is particularly complex because of the problems connceted to the use of rubber material and to the form of the item to print. But thanks to a careful analysis over the years we have identified and defined the best procedure to manage this specific kind of product

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