SC 10000

Hot printing machine and thermal transfer for decoration on items.

  • Printing cylinder air/oil for high pressures with variable stroke
  • Towing of electrical transfer belt with sensor for notch detection
  • Automatic approach of the transfer during printing, to adhere correctly on the item
Maximum printing pressure 100 kN
Printing area 150 x 300 mm
Heating head with temperature control PID
Approach transfer included
Stroke of printing head 150 mm
Towing of transfer belt Electrical motor
Sensor for notch detecting on transfer electronic sensor
Operator panel Touch screen 10 inch
Recipes unlimited number on USB memory

Transfer system with electrical brushless axis with high precision

Electrical bench conveying items adjustable in height

sc 10000


The series MERCURIO includes a series of hot or transfer printing machines and these are proposed as bench or structured with automatic loading-unloading systems for items
- Print pressures up to 250 kNewton and maximum printing area 300 x 400 mm
- Equipments available with silicone band, mobile carriage, rotating board, and electric bench

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