AS 75

Automatic machine 4 axises for picking up, labelling and stacking hooks

  • Interface with Cartesian robot on injection press
  • Double labelling machine complete with adhesion system of the label
  • Machine for stacking items in box
  • Cycle time 10 seconds

All placements are carried on with electrical brushless axises with high precision

No. 4 brushless axises for managing and moving items
Automatic stacking of items in customer’s molded box
Interface with Cartesian robot on injection press
Cycle of item assemblying in 10 seconds
Double box by item stacking
Operator panel touch screen 10 inches
Saving recipes on usb memory, unlimited number
as 75


The series ERCOLE includes applications for specific utilizations, with machines planned to solve particular exigences of the customers

Experience planning and building these machines and technology are our basis for
Plotter with 2 axises, with loading system:
- Simplified programming of form, sizes and bends of the item.
- Automatic loading and unloading system of the items on conveyor belt

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