AS 67

Automatic machine for screwing saver and deadlift on ski.

  • Double screwing automatic system for simultaneous right and left execution
  • 2+2 brushless axises for conveying screwers
  • Double vibrating system for two different types of screws on a unique screwing cycle
  • Rotating table to let loading and unloading item start during the working cycle by optimizing the working cycle
  • Right and left screwing cycles, separated or criss-crossed on corresponding working areas
  • Automatic system to prevent crashes among axises

All placements are carried on with electrical brushless axises with high precision

Double screwer
Double screw format
Screwing system right and left part in a unique cycle
Rotating board for loading and unloading items during the screwing cycle
Automatic approach of the screwers to the item
No. 4 brushless axises
Operator panel touch screen 10 inches
Saving recipes on usb memory, unlimited number
as 67


The series ERCOLE includes applications for specific utilizations, with machines planned to solve particular exigences of the customers

Experience planning and building these machines and technology are our basis for
Plotter with 2 axises, with loading system:
- Simplified programming of form, sizes and bends of the item.
- Automatic loading and unloading system of the items on conveyor belt

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